Besides the fact that I became allergic to the oil paints because of solvents used in the composition of mediums, I also switched to the 2D digital technology for  technical and practical reasons.


It is with the arrival on the market of modern graphics tablets, that allow to work directly with the stylus on the drawing, as we would  do it with a pencil or a traditional brush, that I really decided to take the plunge.


Be it for  the distribution of my work on the net and the social networks or the printing, there are many advantages brought by the digital tools.


No need to take a photography to obtain a file of the work which is usable for archiving, printing, or the distribution on the net. Additionally it prevents loss of inevitable qualities due to the photographic reproduction of a picture or a drawing.


Having said that, the advantages of the digital tools are even more consequent. We can say that the drawing or painting softwares reached a sufficient maturity to replace and even, in many levels, to surpass the traditional tools.


Already, the simple fact of being able to go back in the process and, by diverse ways, take advantage of a non-destructive method of work, is an enormous advantage.


Besides that, these new tools allow downright to realize works  which were unfeasible with traditional tools And it where their utility lays.


It also allows


- compose the image with coats layers  thanks to the piles of copies and to be able to filter these layer to obtain several effects,


- Make complex and precise selections to isolate zones of the image on which to intervene,


- Make at any time any modification on the color, the contrast, the luminosity or the neatness of the image,


- Deform or incorporate anything into this image, in a fluid and perfect way,


Allows to have in the end a total control over every pixel of its creation and in a most creative way.


For all these reasons and many others else, I went from the traditional field to the digital technology.


Visual  artist

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