As a child, I discovered art through American and French-Belgian comics and I have  always been fascinated by these images.

I think comics taught me the basics and that's how I learned drawing.


Later, during my studies in art school, I was introduced to the history of art which I call '' official '' and painting, as well as to various academic techniques.


But it's still under the influence of my favorite comic masters, and because at that time I also wanted to tell stories, that I went seriously into artistic creation.


I have taken a lot from Richard Corben, Moebius, Tanino Liberatore, Enki Bilal, etc ...

So many brilliant artists and yet despised by the clergy of the official art.


During my research, I went from comics to illustration, and then finally to oil painting, with breadcrumb still and always imagination.


In painting, I was interested in all masters, all ages and all styles. I do not like to rest on my achievements. I like mixtures, mergers. I like to mix the topological dimensions.


This is what prompted me to get interested in computer graphics, research volume, complex lighting, rendering materials; bring to reality my imagination, my visions, photograph them.


Today, I use the digital drawing, computer graphics design and traditional academic techniques to create and share my world.


Félix Barc

Visual  artist

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