To a new era, new tools

I thought that the public, not synthesis imaging software specialist, might, out of simple curiosity, be interested to have some basic information on the subject. I will speak here of the four software that I use most often in my work, although that they are not the only ones.

ZBrush is a software 3d modeling, known as organic. That is, it is intended primarily to the creation of subjects whose forms are irregular. Although its most geometric modeling capabilities are strengthened in its later versions, Zbrush is basically thought of as a digital adaptation of carving tools and traditional painting. Basically, working as if we model directly earth objects— or as if we carve in a block of marble — that we could paint on the fly subsequently. ZBrush is also quite capable of making a rendering of my models, thanks to its internal rendering engine. But, personally, I don't use it for that.


Moi 3d, is a surface modeler, also known as Modeler NUBS. It is part of a range of software using mathematical curves and surfaces to build very precise volumes. It is particularly suitable for the construction of manufactured objects such as mechanical parts, buildings, vehicles or any other industrial elements.

Blender  a general purpose 3d software. It has all the essential tools for making animated images or not. This is a true Swiss knife of 3d. It integrates internally even an engine of video games.

It is in Blender that I assemble the scenes of my paintings. And it is with its new unbiased rendering engine “known as Cycle for the initiates” that I make a part of my renderings

Octane Render is a little digital jewel. THE unbiased rendering engine! A modern magician hat. It releases all what the user can dream. This is the camera of the future! With it, no more need of the reality. The reality is created by it.

I like to play with it.


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